Month: December 2012

Thought and Consciousness – A Crucial Contemporary Debate

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An important book came out this year. The volume ‘Cognitive Phenomenology’, edited by Tim Bayne and Michelle Montague, collects articles for and against the thesis that thought is a kind of conscious experience. This debate is both deeply strange and deeply important. It is deeply strange as it is an argument over the very general character of human conscious experience. But each person involved in the debate is (as far as I am aware) a […]

Tax avoidance – How cynical to deny the legitimacy of moral judgement

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You don’t have to be a professor of moral philosophy to know that there’s something wrong with Starbucks arranging their affairs so that they pay zero tax in the UK. It’s very difficult to argue to the contrary. But David Giamaulo and Geoffrey Wood, writing in the Guardian on Saturday, have a novel strategy for doing so: they deny the legitimacy of moral judgement itself! ‘There are some universally agree moral principles – do not […]