Month: June 2013

Analytic Phenomenology

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I’m an analytic metaphysician who thinks analytic metaphysicians don’t think enough about consciousness. By consciousness I mean the property of being a thing such that there’s something that it’s like to be that thing; the property of having an inner life. There’s something that it’s like for a rabbit to be cold, or to be kicked, or to have a knife stuck in it. There’s nothing that it’s like (or so we ordinarily suppose) for […]

The Zombie Threat to a Science of Mind

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(Published in May/June edition of ‘Philosophy Now’) For the last five hundred years or so, physics has been doing extraordinarily well. More and more of our world has been captured in its explanatory net, from the formation of planets and stars, to the nature of space and time, to the very basic constituents of matter that make us up. There’s a long way to go: our best theory of the very big, i.e. general relativity, […]