Month: September 2015

Religion for Atheists

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In his column in the Guardian this week, George Monbiot reaches conclusions strikingly similar to those I reached in my recent blog post. Because of this, and because reactions to my last post wildly misinterpreted what I was trying to say, I thought I’d try to give a shorter and clearer summary of my claim. Monbiot is onto something when he says that the left needs to learn lessons from religion. The Occupy movement died […]

Why the Left Needs Something like Religion

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People aren’t angels. Nor are they perfectly rational. This is of course completely obvious, but the left often behaves as though you only need to get out the facts about the bad things that are happening and people will immediately respond in the morally appropriate way, at least through the ballot box if not at the barricades. But people are busy. And if you never interact socially with people from lower socio-economic groups, then it’s […]