Month: July 2017

Consciousness and Fundamental Reality

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I seem to me mostly using my blog to ply my wares at the moment, but..I can’t help giving a little plug for my book, which is finally about to be published and currently has a pre-release discount of £33.59…available here… Here are some of the nice things some people have said about it: “This book contains some of the most important contributions to the metaphysics of consciousness in recent years.  Philip Goff develops a […]

The Logic of Chilcot

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Chilcot said (paraphrase) ‘I think a leader should be straight with the country AND should take the country with them; Blair didn’t do this’. The negation of a conjunction doesn’t imply the negation of both conjuncts. Therefore, Chilcot didn’t say Blair wasn’t straight with the country. (N.B. I think the bastard lied. I’m just making a logical point.)