Month: February 2018

The Problem with Materialism and the Explanatory Power of Panpsychism: A more considered response to Seth and Mitchell

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I woke up Saturday morning with a strange, unpleasant feeling in my stomach. I initially thought it was indigestion, but after a certain amount of reflection I diagnosed it as guilt. I feel my last post was a bit dismissive and defensive, and so I’d like to make recompense by giving a calmer and more considered response to Seth and Mitchell. Response to Seth I worry my post gave the impression that non-philosophers have no […]

Neuro-Fundamentalism and the Importance of Philosophy

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In recent academic philosophy, panpsychism has gone from being an object of public ridicule to being a respected minority view. A recent article by Olivia Goldman covered this development. A couple of neuroscientists, Anil Seth and Kevin Mitchell, have written strongly worded articles in response. There is a lot I could say in counter-response to Seth and Mitchell, but given time constraints I’ll restrict myself to making a few points: Neither Seth nor Mitchell show […]