First review of ‘Consciousness & Fundamental Reality’

14 Feb

The first review of my book ‘Consciousness and Fundamental Reality‘ has just come out, by Daniel Stoljar of Australian National University. It has flattery at the beginning and end with razor sharp critique in between, which is my favourite kind of sandwich! I will write a response as soon as I get a chance, probably at the beginning of March.

One Response to “First review of ‘Consciousness & Fundamental Reality’”

  1. Tom Strode February 15, 2018 at 5:31 pm #

    I read your article in Aeon. I won’t pretend to understand any of it. My own ruminations on life, the universe, and everything has pretty much concluded that 42 is as good an answer as any. (My hyperlink didn’t paste so you’ll have to settle for an in-text citation

    My approach was to look at life and consciousness as an anti-entropy. Not much around right now but given it’s drive to expand and grow in complexity I can hypothesize that, given universe enough and time, that it might come to permeate everything. So we can have a universal consciousness in our universe without it getting underfoot.

    It might even have conquered time from, back there at the end of it, and be watching us. But, have a noninterference policy to avoid the old “murder your grandfather” paradox so beloved by sci-fi writers. That justifies my waving a finger at the sky when things aren’t going quite the way I’d like them to.

    Then I saw this other article in Aeon ( and I went, “Whoa, there’s a mechanism”. I may not have been that far off after all. So, when I read your article I wondered if you has seen this other one and how it would fit with your theory.

    Which I applaud, by the way. I’m not going to nit pick you by citing dead philosophers like that reviewer. Paint it in broad strokes and screw the math. I didn’t get far in math, Didn’t get far in arithmetic for that matter. That’s why I like 42, it brings it all down to my level.

    Keep up the good work.

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