What have Consciousness, Religious Fictionalism, and a Leading Hotel Comparison Website got in Common?

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This is just a quick plug for some recent/forthcoming things I’m doing, in case anyone’s vaguely interested.

Last week I did a talk for Trivago Academy, which is a series of talks by academics Trivago put on for general public at their HQ in Dusseldorf. It was really nice to talk to the general public instead of academics. Plus there was free beer. I had a good conversation with a man who has invented the male vest that opens at the front (www.lespirant.com). He had materialist inclinations. They recorded the talk, and it’ll go up on youtube soon (only problem is my bald patch was on display most of the talk…).

Monday 1st April I’ll be debating David Papineau at the Oxford Literary Festival. David and I have debated at length (e.g. https://thepanpsycast.com/panpsycast2/2017/7/30/episode-25) but it might be a bit different this time as he’s recently expressed sympathy for panpsychism, albeit of a materialist variety. There will be an audio recording of this. https://oxfordliteraryfestival.org/literature-events/2019/april-1/the-oxford-debates-is-consciousness-everywhere

Finally, in Easter week I’ll be recording a debate with the ‘Unbelievable’ radio show/podcast, which I’m really excited about. In general, Unbelievable hosts debates between Christians and atheists, but in this episode I’ll be debating religious fictionalism with Kristi Mair, based on my recent TLS article on this topic: https://www.the-tls.co.uk/articles/public/believers-without-belief-religious-fictionalism/ Not sure when this will be put out.

That’s all.

The Author

I am a philosopher and consciousness researcher at Durham University, UK. My research focuses on how to integrate consciousness into our scientific worldview.

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  1. Kano says

    Hi, Philip. I’ve been lurking on this site for a while and I find it interesting. And I have a question that’s probably off-topic.
    Have you heard of this DOS model system of the brain developed by this person named Parag Jasani? I’ve never heard of him, his minisites, or his one book until very recently. He says that this new DOS model that has never been used before by scientists/neuroscientists explains what consciousness is, why we’re here, qualia, dreams, subjective experiences, ect. And that the mind emerged from the brain and natural selection for survival and reproduction. All from looking at the entire brain as an “integrated system”. And he spams other websites such as scienceblog in the comments ( some of them readily agree, because they’re materialists, especially Stuart Mathieson, who says woo-woo fairytale at anything non-materialistic or “supernatural”. Said so himself ) about his “newly undiscovered DOS model”. He has many minisites about it. What do you think? Do you think all this proves that materialism is true?



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