You gotta have hope

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Goodbye decade that politicised me with the lies of austerity and Brexit. As things stand the future doesn’t look good, but I choose to live in hope. It’s been a shit decade for the world, but this is my blog so I’m obliged to report that the 2010s have blessed me with so many wonderful things. I commit to doing what I can to make the 2020s better than the 2010s.

The Author

I am a philosopher and consciousness researcher at Durham University, UK. My research focuses on how to integrate consciousness into our scientific worldview.


  1. Steven Evans says

    ” I commit to doing what I can to make the 2020s better”

    Do you mean you are going to give up crankery and learn to fill in potholes in the road? Filling in one pothole would be a greater contribution to society than your whole career thus far.

  2. Even skateboarders can anticipate and avoid potholes. Stated mathematically (by Schrodinger, in What Is Life?): “the particularly exigent demand is the square root”. Stated mathematically (“excluding none” in favor of filling potholes): “the square root of E divided by mass where E remains, universally, constant (+ = > zero probability)”. Stated mathematically (“identifier mathematics” in terms of exclusive “points” between “additional” observations): any identifier of “everything” cannot be “all” that it identifies (between exclusive “predictions”, excluding zero and negative probabilities as would amount to “nothing”). Stated in terms of “the first law of thermodynamics” (as proven between one pair of general, contrasting predictions: AB): “everything we observe” multiplies itself in contrast (AB) to being created at some point in the past (disproving point A) and destroyed at some point in the future (disproving point A). In summary: the most generic of thought experiments (predicting complete annihilation by super-natural subtraction) identifies the limit of our imaginations when “sequencing” laws of thermodynamics (differentiating between non-fictional “firsts” and fictional “nevers”). Stated in terms of “IIT” (unifying axioms in the “general deniability” of the “general consensus”_: everything we observe (between exclusive predictions, excluding none) can be neither created (+) at some point in the past nor destroyed (-) at some point in the future (aka using “-1” to predict “nothing” as would Cantor, Schrodinger, Godel when explaining “opposite directions” and “fiction” … #landyachtz #msf … the future is conserved (as observed between exclusive points, identifying the first law of thermodynamics as predictions direct observations (“complete annihilation cannot predict itself between additional (+) observations”) etc etc etc

  3. Steven Evans says

    Why don’t you tell us about the ethics of taking money off the taxpayer for your dishonest, fraudulent, crank “research”? Parasitism – discuss. What is the difference between you and a Kardashian? A Kardashian flashes her plastically enhanced T&A for attention and money; you flash lazy, pseudo-intellectual drivel.

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